How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

You have many methods of cleaning your luxurious carpet but if you have no idea of how to dry out your carpet then all your hard work has no meaning because you can not use your carpet until it gets dried completely. In this blog, we will learn everything from why it is important to how to do it. 

Why Is It Important To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

1. To prevent mould growth

There is a small space present between the carpet and the padding which retains water in it. If you do not dry your carpet then this place remains watery and mould, mildew and other microorganisms start to grow at this place and make your carpet infectious.

2. For removing unpleasant smells

Wetted carpet becomes a breeding ground for many allergens and bacteria and when they grow they leave an unpleasant odour, due to which your carpet smells bad and so to prevent this drying of your carpet is essential.

3. To protect your carpet from reabsorption of dirt and dust

You clean your carpet for removing all types of dirt, dust and allergens and when your carpet gets wet then all the dirt and dust gets easily and quickly sticks on your carpet and gets reabsorbed in it and then there is no meaning of cleaning it. Therefore, to protect from this, drying is essential.

4. For maintenance of hygiene 

You clean your carpet to remove dirt and dust from it but one reason for this is to maintain hygiene inside your room. But wet carpet grows moulds and the growth of moulds creates an unhygienic environment. Hence, for the maintenance of hygiene, the carpet must be dried perfectly.

Methods Of Drying Carpet After Cleaning

Now you understand that drying is important after cleaning and for complete drying, there are many methods which help in faster drying of your carpet. The methods are as follows:

1. Through sufficient airflow

Drying your carpet outside under the air that blows outside is the most effective way. If your carpet is placed inside a room that has many windows, you have to only open those windows for complete drying. You can also open the door for fresh air to come inside your room for drying but the weather is an important factor in this method. During the rainy season and in a humid climate, it is almost impossible to dry your carpet. But in summer, you can dry it easily. 

Dry Carpet After Cleaning

2. With the use of a fan

In the case when the weather is humid or rainy the outside air is also humid and it does not help in drying out your carpet. So, ceiling fans are very useful in this situation and work very well to dry out your carpet very quickly, you can also use table fans but they are not effective comparatively. Therefore, a fan is also a good option for drying your carpet after cleaning.

3. With the help of an Air Conditioner

You have an option before you for drying your carpet with the use of your air conditioner. Though it is not an effective option for drying as compared to the fan and airflow, you can consider this option, if you do not have the above two. Also, the cost of running an air conditioner increases the overall cost of maintenance and so this method is not affordable for all.

4. Expose the padding

This method is used when you have a large carpet and after removing the correct amount of water from the carpet, you can dry off the padding. For this, you have to blow air between the padding and the carpet. After that, you can extract all the moisture from your carpet with the use of dehumidifiers and you can blow air under the carpet with the help of a fan by raising the sides of the carpet. At last, you can dry the remaining carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner for speedy and complete drying.

5. Towel drying

For this, you have to spread a number of towels over the carpet and you have to move physically back and forth over the carpet again and again which squeezes out the water very quickly and this water gets soaked into the towels as they are made up of adsorbent material. Once you get to know that towels become wet, replace them with dry towels and continue the process until the carpet gets completely dried. 

6. Get help from professionals

All the above methods are such that you can try yourself on your own but there are many conditions in which all these methods are unsuccessful and require some specialised procedures for drying your delicate carpet. At this time, you become helpless because you do not have enough technologies for this. At this time, you can take help from professionals which gives you an assurity of fast and complete drying of your carpet through their specialised procedures. Carpet drying is very easy with the help of experts.

Time Required In Drying Your Carpet

Generally, your carpet requires 6-12 hours for drying but it depends on the material of the carpet and fibres inside the carpet because some carpets require 24 hours while some require almost 3 days for drying. This drying of carpet sometimes also depends upon the method used for drying. Although whatever be the method used for drying, if your carpet does not get dried within 72 hours then it means that you have to contact your nearby carpet drying company for getting their services as they have some highly advanced instruments and procedures which help in the drying of your carpet very quickly and efficiently.

Get Immediate Relaxation By Hiring Experts In Complete Drying

After applying a lot of effort to cleaning your carpet, if you do not want to apply your efforts in drying it or if after a lot of hard work, you are unable to do it then relax by hiring professional carpet expertsYou can easily get a service for quick drying of carpets.